7 Chakras Healing Yoga Blanket

Chakras are energy centers in the body that influence different physical, emotional and spiritual functions.
  • Material: Cotton
  • Feature: Wrinkle-Resistant, Corrosion-Resistant, Adhesive-Protective, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Slip
  • Specification: 70cm(27.5 inch) x 150cm(60 inch);150cm(60 inch) x 150cm (60 inch)

    Chakras and their corresponding stones are listed below:

    Crown Chakra - for Wisdom, Clarity, Self-Realization, Divine Connection
    Third Eye Chakra - for Sight, Pure Reality, Intuition, Insight
    Throat Chakra - for Compassion, Listening, Communication
    Heart Chakra - for Gratitude, Forgiveness, Self-Acceptance
    Solar Plexus Chakra - for Self Esteem, Empowerment and Personal Power
    Sacral Chakra - for Wellness, Sexuality, Creativity, Financial Abundance
    Root Chakra -  for Survival, Confidence, Feeling Grounded

    Did you know that you can transform your life by knowing and understanding the role that your chakras play in your general health and well-being?

    • These powerful and unique energy centers are the very core of your existence.
    • They are central to all you say and do.
    • And they integrate your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects into a coherent whole creating your overall body and mind structure.